Original prints, unique works of art - prices and licenses

Prints | Types of Licences

Art Print copy (AP-CI) $150 - $600
Full Ownership print (FO-PRI) $3.000 - $9.000 +
High-end craft production (SP-PRO) $10.000 - $300.000 +

Art Print copy - standard copy of the print on fine art paper or canvas.

Full Ownership print - the license implies an image that has been sold in a several non-exclusive copies in the past, now by purchasing this license, you will have a high quality artwork in full ownership and the image will be removed from sale.
Possible high-end craft production

High-end craft production (exclusive) - You're buying unique image and full ownership license for the superior *artwork that will be crafted by several masters. The buyer is the first and final owner, and purchased artwork will be removed from sale.

Options ★ unique production of high quality frames, special canvases, spanning, production on precious metal plates, bronze, gold... production on precious wooden plates, glass, custom fractal sculptures, mixed media...

With each high-end artwork you get a certificate of authenticity, signed and stamped by the artist.
Original digital images - prices and licenses

Files | Types of Licences

Royalty Free (RF) $220 - $300
Web Usage (WU-RF), upgrade + $390
Print Usage (PU-RF), upgrade + $620
Full Ownership (FO-RF), upgrade + $990

Download and file protection
After purchase has been confirmed, you will have two options to get your files: 1). by email as password-protected zip file* 2). via secure link

*password will be sent to you in separate e-mail, shortly after the image. Both e-mails will be sent within 24h
More information on this topic can be found at the website bottom navigation: "General info & licenses".
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