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Belgrade art academy clubs | Multimedia exhibition
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  Exhibition Art  
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  Exhibition Art  
Belgrade Art Academy clubs | Exhibition in Art Academy clubs, 25 prints, video presentation, hallway 2 x 2x9m prints (gift to club). Opening night | Prototip live, Alavux live, DJ Nikolica, DJ Dusan Medic and 011Art girls
New Moment gallery | Fractal art exhibition
  Art exhibition  
  Art exhibition  
  Art exhibition  
  Art exhibition  
  Art exhibition  
New Moment gallery | Fractal Art Exhibition 25 fractal prints, video presentation, fractal Fashion show - collaboration with M. Klasnja, Live act - music responsive fractals and premiere of the Prototype music video.
Exhibition announcement at the New Moment gallery

Through centuries, in his own need for cognition, man has been confronting gradually, with a new view of nature, and in certain periods of his progress he has been accepting new conceptions - new scientific paradigms. In the last decades, fractal geometry and “chaos theory" development has made it possible for us to observe reality in a completely new way. Nowadays, we are not satisfied with classic mathematics, which is based on a straight line and shows complete uselessness when we want to describe trees, rivers, clouds, lightning. Now a new multidisciplinary science is created, which explores complexity in extensive signification. Allied with the extraordinary possibilities of computers, it helps us to understand - how nature, in her amazing way, creates a 100 meters high tree from such a little seed. How one completely tenuous influence, such as spread of butterfly wings, can so much intensify, to completely change weather tomorrow. However, this time we can forget the scientific aspect of fractals. Winner of the Nobel prize, Richard Feynman once said: "In a carafe of wine is all physics... and molecules, and viscosity, and refraction of light... But we can drink that vine and forget all of it!" Likewise, I suggest we forget about all scientific implications of fractal geometry and let us enjoy the visual -- beauty and aesthetic of specially designed fractal objects by Milan Dobrojevic. Milan shows us how he turned his PC machine into a graphical laboratory, machine capable of experimenting with chaos and producing these magic pictures. In fact, It’s hard to believe that they are based on simple algebraic terms. After all, behind those terms is hiding one sophisticated knowledge about imaginary and complexity numbers, processes of recursive iterations, but first of all, one strong motivation for experimentation and creation of new art dimensions.

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