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Aeon fall - Mirror | Art studio panels
  Fractal, art, fall, contemporary, abstract, original, aeon, expressive, eon, chaos, soul mirror  
Aeon fall - Mirror, Fractal art 2021detailed preview studio panels, Milan & Big Print production
image size • 240x220cm / 94x86in

Someone once said: "Where are we today as creators? Between who we consider ourselves to be or who we really are?"

Marketing is an idiotism if you are not responsible enough to set the time to understand basic axioms.

Who really needs us, and why?

I don’t believe that only time can be the judge.
The judgement creates a market and unsatisfied appetites.

I struggle with this work...quality, completeness and beauty which does everything the opposite of what my doctors prescribed me.
The observer starts to wonder how much he CAN and how to address himself with what comes next.

This is not just a step forward. It's much more futureal than that, a work that shouts:
"Down there!!!… There is…"

This is first and foremost a translated reason of the individual who concretize himself through the way of the old school with the perseverance that is read in today's language.

And what can we say about love, that greatest plagiarism of human behavior...

No, it is precisely a work that stands, seeks, tears itself apart for the reason of reaching out and giving. A work with a personal burden to frighten or delight someone who can read.

We have a work of art that is swallowed without chewing...
We have a creator to drink, to the very end
just because he wrote everything about himself.
We have clarity in effort, which gives meaning.
We have us, the observers who judge by the way we belong in this crazy society with the possibility that we can be better.

Vladan Gradištanac

Technotise Edit & I | Animated feature film
  Edit & I  
Technotise | Fractal “the prototype", created and animated for Technotise animated movie.
Milan's participation goes from animation - IMDb, VJ, music and live performances.
The White Japanese Lapot | Collaboration with the underground fanzine
  Underground maganzine  
  Dark fanzine  
Collaboration with the underground fanzine TWJL, edition#24
  Big Ideas  
BIGIDEAS CD Cover | "Math lines valley" fractal
S3P band | VJ
  s3p Live  
S3P band | Video, animation render - VJ live:
"Dom Omladine" and "Belgrade Beer Fest" . s3p YouTube channel s3p@youtube
Clean Systems | Interior art
  Clean Systems  
Clean Systems company, Russia | Custom-made fractals for Clean Systems company interior
Spanish guitar school | Custom-made fractal
  Guitar school  
Spanish guitar school, Belgrade | Custom fractal render and guitar design
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