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„Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn.“
Benjamin Franklin

He is the one we have been waiting for

Sunburned, agitated in eternal and changeable movements, whose creation exists as an archetypal cipher, which for me is crazy and which is all that I would like to be; inscribed in clear language that is read at all times.

The first time I entered the ring with this poet, the boyish idea that I want to believe in utopia came back to me like a dreamless myth. He imposed his art without agony, almost chaste, in the field of the possible, as knowledge about how it happened and not about what happened.

“...makes fiction truth and does not make truth into fiction.” - Goethe

Nowadays, talking about art requires the gentle use of heavy tools.
Milan's works are a step ahead, bold, far from experiential for the observer, with pedigree and persistence, to ask for more, to learn, to let go and surrender. Dynamics makes him a special creator, knowledge consistent, and defiance with a slap confirms the origin. I don't know how much he is aware of the "final product"; but I argue that it is a field of endless possibility, that for the creator of his potency there are no obstacles and walls;
he creates thoughtfully and systematically, balanced between the agonies of courage and order. It is a joy to talk about an artist of such a profile, and a casual observer should be listened to about quality.

What sets him apart is the character;
Milan is not an artist from the choreography of the past, he does not make an instinctive nest that is read as a pure necessity. He creates with a clear idea of the time to which he belongs, with a sober attitude where he stands as a creator or even someone who has allowed himself the luxury of planned thinking... however, deep in his reality, he is the artist who first satisfies his subtlety, the need to concretize himself through the air-filled nuances of what he really needs. I translate that beauty as the hair of an animal that is constantly licked.

If I had to make a croquis, about Milan, as Rilke's three-word sentence, I would always agree with the idea that engagement is a matter of decision, and presence essentially has a quality that rewards more than productivity itself.

His decision to create continuously is the opposite of the trance of productive employment.
His focus is not on living, but on learning how long and generous life is so that we can achieve the dream. These works hold the truth, they are a step beyond real, illusion, life itself.

“ with capital A has no existence...“

I like to believe that these works have the power to grasp reality, to have visionary abilities, to impose new reading, to break through budgets, here red is redder than in its own redness.

“Once You have seen the differences, You will find unity. It lies in a commitment to service, to discipline and joy, shaped in harmony with the law of God and named love.” - Henry Glassie

Vladan Gradištanac

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