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Each new creation, expression radiates a journey through traditional, digital art, sound, a combination of skills to which experience gives the necessary freedom to use metalanguage.

I passionately explore chaos, precisely, in philosophy without romance, equally exploring with the pen, brush, coal... with the need that comes before thinking. It is an expression that I recognize in the moment, or it's guided by the most sensitive magnetization of the unconscious. Mosaic of my creative being is complemented by ideas I write late at night, poems, stories, descriptive associations, sketching with my left hand by the bed, recording piano so that the melody does not permanently merge with silence ... Without compromises, I wake up with a cold shower.

Whatever I do, I will deal with the essence, from craft to free expression. Abstract art reaches to the essential, in the highest form it belongs to the transcendent, it speaks directly, and with its immediacy it enters the deepest into art. Manifested by experience, it emerges rationally as an understanding. This characteristic does not disappear even when it is determined by a strong craft core. Expression can be transferred rationally, but the highest form is neither in proving nor in justification, rather in the movement of life itself within the art, exists and lasts as an inseparable experience.

Milan Dobrojević

  Milan Artist  
MILAN DOBROJEVIĆ           •        •        •    
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