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New Moment, Exhibition

New Moment Exhibition
New Moment Fashion

Exhibition Announcement at the New Moment Gallery, 2007

Throughout the centuries, as humans sought to understand the world, they gradually developed new perspectives on nature. At various stages of their intellectual journey, they embraced novel concepts and scientific paradigms. In recent decades, the evolution of fractal geometry and the development of chaos theory have offered a fresh lens through which to perceive reality. Today, classic mathematics, which relies on straight lines, appears inadequate when we attempt to describe the intricate forms of trees, rivers, clouds, or even lightning. This has given rise to a multidisciplinary science that delves into the profound complexities of our world.

Aided by the remarkable capabilities of computers, this science allows us to comprehend nature's remarkable ability to transform a tiny seed into a towering 100-meter tree. It reveals how the gentle flutter of a butterfly's wings can profoundly influence and even completely alter tomorrow's weather. However, let us momentarily set aside the scientific aspects of fractals.

As the Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once said, "In a carafe of wine resides all of physics: the molecules, viscosity, refraction of light... But we can simply savor the wine and forget it all!" Similarly, I propose that we temporarily cast aside the scientific implications of fractal geometry and immerse ourselves in the visual allure and aesthetic of specially crafted fractal objects by Milan Dobrojević. Milan demonstrates how he has transformed his computer into a graphical laboratory, a machine capable of exploring chaos and producing these mesmerizing images.

It is truly remarkable to consider that these images are rooted in simple algebraic expressions. Yet beneath these expressions lies a profound understanding of imaginary and complex numbers, recursive iteration processes, and, most importantly, a fervent motivation for experimentation and the creation of new dimensions in art.

Đorđe Kozić


Exploring the fusion of art and science, New Moment Gallery's grand opening was a profound celebration, in the company of Đorđe Kozić, Edward de Bono, Božidar Babić, and Dragan Sakan. Milan Dobrojevic's innovative work, combining fractals, music, and more, captivated our senses. With a Fractal Fashion show by Magdalena Klašnja and Milan Dobrojević, the event merged the realms of mathematics and art. Milan's remarkable fractal prints were showcased, offering a glimpse into his visionary world, thought, and art.

Art Academy clubs, Exhibition


Belgrade Art Academy clubs exhibition, 2008 - Milan Dobrojević. A raw exploration featuring 25 prints and a video presentation - fractal animation and its applications fused with artistry. The 2x2x9-meter hallway prints were a gift to the club. The opening night came alive with dynamic live acts by Prototip and Alavux, complemented by video walls and informative attendants. This exhibition transcended mere aesthetics; it was a bold foray into self-expression and the ever-evolving realm of artistic fusion.

. . .

Someone once pondered: "Where are we today as creators? Caught between the façade we present and our authentic selves?"

Marketing becomes idiocy without the responsibility to grasp basic axioms.

Who truly needs us, and why?

I reject the notion that only time can be the arbiter. Judgment creates markets and leaves appetites unsatisfied.

I grapple with this work...quality, completeness, and beauty, all contrary to my doctors' prescriptions.
The observer contemplates how much they CAN and how to confront what comes next.

This is no mere step forward; it's far more futuristic, a piece that screams:
"Down there!!!… There is…"

Primarily, this is the translated reasoning of an individual embodying the old school's perseverance in the language of today.

And what of love, that grand plagiarism of human behavior...

No, it's precisely a creation that stands, seeks, tears itself apart to reach out and give. A piece burdened with the task of either frightening or delighting those who can decipher it.

We have a work of art swallowed without chewing...
We have a creator to be imbibed, to the very end;
simply because he bared everything about himself.
We have clarity in effort, providing meaning.
We, the observers, judge based on our place in this insane society, with the possibility that we can be better.


Vladan Gradištanac

Technotise: Edit & I (2009)


"Technotise: Edit & I," an animated movie - science fiction with cyberpunk aesthetics. Directed and primarily illustrated by Aleksa Gajić, the movie explores convergence of imagination and technology within the futuristic social context of Belgrade.

Milan Dobrojević's contributions have left a mark on the film's visual landscape through the realms of 2D animation, fractal animation, and VJ performances. Crafting over 200 fractal loop animations, Milan also took on the role of a live performer at major festivals, including the renowned EXIT festival.