Art Statement

Each new creation and expression evolves through traditional, digital art, music, skillful fusion where experience gives essential freedom of expression within an inclusive collective code.

I passionately explore chaos, often precisely, in philosophy without romance, exploring with the traditional art - painting, sculpting, mixed media and equally in digital art; by creating and rendering fractals, code, to intuitive creation, improvisation... It begins before thinking, an expression recognized in the moment, or is guided by the most sensitive magnetization of the unconscious. The body of exploration is complemented by ideas that I write late at night, thoughts, poems, descriptive associations, while sketching with my left hand by the bed or recording themes and improvisations on the piano.

“Many artworks require knowledge of a craft, others draw upon life experience and intuitiveness - the deepest sense of authenticity, in other words, a great value that is not for everyone.” – Art of Milan

Regardless of the direction, I will always deal with the essence, from craftsmanship to free expression. Abstract art reaches the essential, in its highest form, belongs to the transcendent; manifested by experience, rationally appears as understanding. This characteristic does not disappear even when the act is determined by a strong craft core. Expression can be transferred rationally, but the highest form is neither in proving nor in justification, rather in the movement of life itself within the art expressed, it exists and lasts as an inseparable experience.

Aeon fall

Božidar Babić, Mile Ristić, Đorđe Kozić

Artists & Associates
Nikola Kojić, Nancy Manusos, Ljiljana Milošak, Aleksa Gaić, Milica Milovanović, Slobodan Štrumberger, Vlada Španović, Mirko Lukić, Rastko Marić, Ilija Vasiljević, Marko Stolica, Ivan Minić, Darko Vukotić, Srđan Todorović, Magdalena Klašnja, Goran Drljača, Vladan Gradištanac, Aleksandar Avramović, Dragan Stojanović, Feđa Furduj, Iva Kostić, Vladan Stanojević, Željko Božić, Miomir Grujić - Fleka, Boris Mandić, Darko Divić, Branko Najhold, Damir Bačikin, Danijela Ružin, Alex Nikolić, Ljubomir Lacković, Ewelina Strońska, Slobodan Bane Savić, Igor Mandić, Dragan Atanacković, Marko Banićević, Vivian Zorić, Vito Antić, Nikola Pavlović - Sova, Boris Milivojević, Zoran Janić, Valentina Čavić, Dušan Medić, Željko Drašković, Filip Poledica, Alberto Biagetti, Petar Pasti, Arslan Hadžić, Fadi Balhawan...

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