Milan Dobrojević

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Video and Animation
Music videos, Animation, Fractal animation series
Archetypes of Chaos | Psychedelic journey through the abstract world of fractals
Fractal animation series by Milan Dobrojević | Cuts & Echoes: Fractal Explorer render - animation, music: intro (seven nights)
Technotise Edit & I | Soundtrack / Music video
Main Theme, Prototip feat. Srdjan Todorovic | Video clip for the movie "Technotise Edit & I" main theme feat. Srdjan Todorovic, Prototip: Slobodan
Štrumberger, Mirko Reljanović, *Milan Dobrojević (*member 2008-2011).“the prototype" fractal was featured in the movie and also shown in this music video.
If you require music video, fractal animations, 2D animations, video editing... use the contact form for further arrangements.
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