Milan Dobrojević

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Nexus Magazine | "Fractal Mind" - front page artwork
Nexus fractal
Fractal Mind
Nexus Magazine | "Fractal Mind" front page artwork (left, Nexus page)
Source image | Fractal Explorer render (right image)
Big Print | Advertising design
Big Print vehicles
Vehicles Artwork
Big Print vehicles
Big Print - Advertisement artwork designed for company vehicles and promo accessories.
S3P band | Video samples, loop creation & live VJ performance
S3P live
s3p band | Original VJ material creation, s3p music video cuts and RF video loops of band live performances .
Check out videos from "Dom Omladine" and "Belgrade Beer Fest" appearances. s3p YouTube channel s3p@youtube

As a skillful artist and craftsman in many fields, Milan is open for cooperation where sensibilities are similar. List of references, cooperations, selected examples of exhibitions and personal projects can be found in the latest news | exhiibitions, event management, fractals, prints, design, animations, stock images, audio & video production and other studio services...

Feel free to send your suggestions or ask for services by e-mail: or call: +391 63 1799587
Thank you for your interest in Milan's artwork.
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