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Image Licenses
  Milan Dobrojevic Shop offers for sale a Royalty-free images and prints on matte art paper in size and format from the image description. To choose different materials for print or purchase other rights to a particular image use the contact form. Images you recieve in subscription are royalty free.  

Types of Licences
Royalty Free (RF) +
Web Usage (WU-EL), upgrade
Print Usage (PU-EL), upgrade
3 Year Exclusivity (EX3-EL), upgrade
Full Ownership (SR-EL), upgrade

What do you get with Royalty-Free license?
  You pay for the image only once and then you can use it as many times as you like, no other royalties except those included in the initial cost.  
How and when the Royalty-Free license can be used?
  Illustrate websites, create company presentations, decorate you home or office, create advertising posters, flyers, postcards and any other promotional material of this kind, create unique interior designs, illustrate books and CD covers and booklets, illustrate magazine articles and covers or newspapers, create wrappings for different products, create posters for campaigns  
Royalty-Free license are NOT suitable for:
  • Postcards, posters, calendars, creating art prints, your own art from that, creating puzzles, coloring books, T-shirts, mugs, or any other product and creation of this type that will be resold or redistributed. In all this cases you will need to buy the Print Usage License. That allows you unlimited number of copies.
• Creating logos or trademarks. In this case you will need to buy the Full ownership License that will give you full usage of the image less claiming the image is made by yourself or resell it as an image.
• Creating electronic items like web templates that you will sell or redistribute. In this case you will need to buy the Web Usage Extended License. That allows you unlimited number of copies.
Extended Licenses (EL)?
  They are licenses that extend the rights given with the regular Royalty Free license. Unless otherwise specified the restrictions imposed by the royalty free license still apply.  
  Web Usage - electronic Items for resale: this license includes the right to use the media for web templates that are sold to more customers, screensavers, e-cards, presentations as wallpapers on cell phones. The media can be used for an unlimited number of copies.
Print Usage - Physical Items for Resale: includes the right to use the media for t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, mouse pads, posters, calendars, framed artwork that is to be sold to other customers for an unlimited amount of copies.
Full Ownership - this license represents a full ownership of the downloaded image. The buyer can use it exclusively (exclusivity applies from the moment that the file was downloaded using this license), and include it in any type of design with just a few restrictions: sensitive subjects may still apply and the buyer may not claim that the file was created by him nor resell it as a photo. Website will disable sale of the image after the buyer acquired this license, as soon as possible, but no longer than 72 hours.
  When you purchase full ownership or exclusive rights Milan Dobrojevic reserve the rights as an artist to promote purchased image in catalogs, art books, online promotions and similar promotional purposes in small sizes (digital size: 1920px, print size: 15cm ; 6in max).  
Download and file protection
  After purchase has been confirmed, you will have two options to get your files: 1). by email as password-protected zip file* 2). via secure link
*password will be sent to you in separate e-mail, shortly after image. Both files will be sent within 24h.
Prints and Shipping
  After purchase of a print, test prints will be created to ensure quality, than chosen image will be packaged, protected and sent to the address you provided. Standard shipping is FREE. If you need extra fast delivery, you need to request it before purchase. Extra fast delivery will be additionally charged.  
  Although we use all reasonable means to ensure that your order is delivered within a specified time, we cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries due to circumstances outside of our control, technical problems caused by third parties. We will do our best to inform you of any unexpected delay. So far, there have been no technical issues caused by third parties.  
PayPal Logo payment model • PayPal. If you want to make a purchase using other payment option, use the contact form. Thank you for your interest in Milan's artwork.  
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