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Damir Bačikin | Website
Damir Bacikin website
Damir Bačikin | Design & code for Damir Bacikin website by Mirko Lukić and Milan Dobrojević.
BIGIDEAS CD cover | "Math lines valley" Fractal
Bigideas album art
Bigideas band photo
BIGIDEAS | "Math lines valley" - fractal designed for BIGIDEAS album "Steady State" / CD cover and other promotional accessories.
Technotise Edit & I | Feature-length animated movie
Technotise movie
Technotise Fractals
Technotise | Fractal “the prototype", created and animated for "Technotise" animated SF movie. Milan's participation on this project goes from fractal animation
(IMDb), VJ material, live VJ performances to collaboration on music for the movie’s main theme and music video where “the prototype" fractal is featured.
Latest news and activities : 123456 789
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