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Latest news and activities : 123456 789
The White Japanese Lapot | Collaboration with the underground fanzine
TWJL issue 24
TWJL Magazine Art
TWJL - mutual and creative collaboration with the underground fanzine "The White Japanese Lapot", edition#24, where Milan created a cover page, backgrounds
for content and various fractal-based graphics. Overall, nice and pleasant experience. See more at TWJL fanazine homepage
Devil's Playground Series | Specials
Devil's playground 1
Devil's playground 2
Devil's playground 3
Devil's Playground 2008 - 2019 Specials | Latest fractal series
Original high-end craft production with the artist's sigil, seal. Apophysis renders, preview : IIIIIIIVVVI
Flamenco guitar school | Custom-made fractal
Fractal guitar
Burning fractal
Flamenco guitar school - Belgrade | Custom-made fractal for flamenco guitar school promotional material, Fractal Explorer & Photoshop (left image)
Source image - Fractal Explorer render, 12.000x6.750px, HQAA, format - PNG, PSD, TIFF (right image)
Latest news and activities : 123456 789
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